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Hello, my name is Marcela and I was born in Petroșani, a small beautiful city in the foothills of Parâng mountains, Romania. I grew up listening to bands like: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC that influenced me later and for that I must thank my father. My passion for music started at the age of six when I first saw a live video with Mariah Carrey, "Without you". I remember, her gestures and emotions, the way of singing and the way she was expressing through music impressed me so much that I tried to cover the song even if I didn't know any English at that time and moreover, I had no idea about how to sing.

Few years before, when I was 12, I joined the local choir of the school, called “Harmony” and soon I became the lead singer of the choir. My choir’s teacher, saw my interest and passion for music and he introduced me to the “Cultural house of student” where I had the opportunity to take canto lessons. During this period I participated to many festivals like "Mamaia Copiilor", "Color Junior", "Gaudeamus Brasov", "Mihai Eminescu Bucharest", "Bad Man Festival" and others where I also won different prizes. I also started an acoustic music project with my canto teacher Eugen Munteanu and Sergiu Bistriceanu.

Later on, I began the university in another city in Romania, Timișoara and I continued to have acoustic concerts in different pubs and clubs. I am also proud of have had the opportunity to be on the same stage with Blazzaj, one of my favorite bands formed by great and well known musicians from Timișoara.

I spent so much time next to guitarists that I developed myself a keen interest on guitar and I started to learn it one year ago. At the moment I’m living in Prague, where I’m still doing music and soon I’ll record my own compositions. The best way I’m used express myself is through music and when I sing the only thing that matters is the connection between me and the people who are listening to me. I am not dreaming on celebrity and big things, I‘m just doing music because this makes me enormously happy and I want to transmit this feeling to the people listening to it.


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